Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mom's/Grandmom's Rock

Yes check out the time stamp - it is 5 30 in the morning - we've been up since 2 30 ish, wait let me rephrase that - The boys have been up since 2:30 - I on the other hand have not been to sleep. Just as I crawled into bed braden came in, no sooner as he had laid his head down and I thought hey I'll get some sleep - he began to gag.... He was throwing up - so I proceeded to get up to help him and start cleaning it up - and the sweetie threw up in my face - his stomach is beyond sour - it is the worst smell I've ever smelt. He's had sour diapers the past two days and I havent felt well. Parker seems to be okay - he only had one day of it. Who knows what is going on but I know this much.... Momma needs sleep.

Just wanted to say Thanks to my mom - I called her at 2 am cause I didnt know what you could give a 2 year old for upset tummies. I didnt have any pop here at the house - and brant has the axle off the car - and he was at work with the truck so I couldnt leave if i wanted too - she got out and left a two litter on my back porch. How lucky am I?

Thanks MOM!!!

Brant should be home here shortly - I'm hoping Braden will go sleep with him and Parker is fussy which means he needs to go to bed! I might get some sleep! Not enough but any at this point will help.

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Melanie said...

I am SO, SO sorry! Throwing up kids are the worst. I hope you are all on the upswing.