Sunday, March 9, 2008

Daddy's Day

So Saturday I had stake meetings, which if any of you know means I'll be gone all day. So Daddy got to watch the boys while I was in Guthrie. (for any of you oldies that are confussed - our stake has expanded =-) and our stillwater stake center has been rebuilt and is almost finished)

Daddy decided Parker was just hillarious and took a few videos of them... One of him eating/clapping and one of him rolling around on the couch.
Parker has started this slapping thing - it usually catches me off gaurd and my glasses go flying or the food goes splat on the floor -
I think parker is going to be my comedy relief - he seems to be a major baby ham - and I think some of his humor will probably get him into trouble... oh the things I get to look forward too.
He also decided to let Braden hold parker... which is always an adventure which you can see by the faces both of them make.

Hope everyone is well - we had a touch of spring weather today and it felt SO good. I'm ready for spring. My church calling will have me rather busy for the next few months so forgive me if I start to slack! I think I'm going to give Brant some pointers on how to post - cause he was going to post this up on Saturday but didnt know how.

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