Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What a day!

So Monday I got a present - a new monitor - its a 22 inch flat screen high definition. It is awesome. It will help with my webdesign and scrapbooking. It rocks. So... onto how my day went.... Braden is causing issues in the house during the night. For some reason he sleeps for about 3 hours at a time and then gets up. He usually proceeds to get out of the crib and whine and cry at us to let him get in bed with us. We have been trying to make him go back which starts a screaming fit from both parties. This morning it started at 1 am - and basically by 4:30 we were up. We took Brant to work and then came home. Parker and I took a two hour nap but not Braden... then... a knock on the door
Brant got his present in the mail. A new laptop - we have had a dell laptop for 6 years and it just wasnt keeping up with us. So I was kinda excited getting to open it up... I booted the computer up and yeah I turned green with envy! It is sweet. But as soon as windows was up, it froze... so I got to battle a silly computer issue, cranky tired kids, we got out of the house for lunch, we met up with a few mommies to have a great lunch and let the kids get alot of energy out. When I came home Braden finally went down for a nap, parker was still cranky and i still had a brand new computer that wasnt working right.
Look how tired my boys were....

We picked daddy up from work and we had dinner and messed with the computer, its working pretty good right now. Just waiting for it to mess up again. AHHHHH what a pain... Here are some hammy photos of Parker. He has started cruising the furniture.

Here is a photo of Braden - we were keeping him awake. So that maybe! JUST maybe he will sleep tonight. Look how dirty the child was! We converted Bradens crib to toddler today so maybe being a big boy will keep him happy and in his own bed. I'll report on the progress but this will be nipped in the bud quickly.

The day ended with a MUCH needed bath!

What a day - Im ready for it to be over! I'm catching up on some shows we DVR and then it is bedtime - ya never know what time your day will start with these two!


Karen said...

Where did you get that shirt for your boys? I want that shirt for Peanut... I am always exhausted keeping up with my son!

Garrison Family said...

at walmart!
Isnt that the truth - total exhaustment!

Hey do you ever have time during lunch? With Peanut - maybe next time you and peanut and susie and jacob can come for lunch.
As soon as the house is done I will host one...
We should have the floors done next week... which will mean we can at least move furniture up there... YEAH for us