Thursday, April 24, 2008


This morning I got up from a wonderful night of Oklahoma Thunderstorms and realized I only had one more diaper for Braden. So we ventured out to Wal-mart. While shopping I realized the boys looked rather shabby! They needed a haircut ... why is it that anytime you need one the Barber isn't in for the day. SO we went to a local Snip and Clip and I'm not too impressed but its hair it will grow back. They look better... just not exactly what I asked for.

Here is a snapshot before nap time!

I've been on a search for my copy of my patriarchal blessing I was needing to remind myself of some of the things that were said. Wow I forgot a lot! Amazing that the one thing that I've been struggling with is in my blessing. Contention in my home. So I'm gonna work on this. Today I've raised my voice about 50% less, ha ha. Its a start. I'm making an effort and that is what is important!
Tonight is Enrichment - Relief Society Birthday Bash! I'm just looking forward to adult interaction!


The Smith's said...

Don't you just love nap time. If there wasn't a nap time I think I would go crazy.

Garrison Family said...

i think i am already crazy lol... but i think it helps with my "episodes" that is for SURE