Wednesday, April 30, 2008

what a crazy few days

So this weekend we went to Lake Eufaula to spend time with Family. We went and rode 4 wheelers at the Dam, which was such a blast (Thanks Brock). Parker got his first sucker this weekend and loved every minute of it (pictures to follow). We all got a cold too. So we are snotty and cranky.

(Braden and Uncle Brock)

(Uncle Brock and GF Stephanie)
Tonight as I was loading the car to go to New Beginnings, some total jerk stole my wallet out of the car. I'm so in shock over the whole thing. Glad I had no money. But ticked off they got my new wallet that I got for Christmas - it was the ONE thing I asked for. Turkey's.
Church went great tonight - the girls all came prepared and had such sweet spirits. Here is a group photo that the girls will get on Sunday, since I didn't have my wallet and didn't have time since I was dealing with credit card companies and the police. Each girl did get an individual photo of just themselves tonight.

Brant has to work extra days this week because of a co-worker's illness, so I have a list of things I will try to get done without him here. WOW I'm so not in the mood to go get my drivers license again! All cards are on order... so I guess for Mothers Day - readers... I need a wallet LOL -


Melanie said...

So sorry about your wallet. What a pain!

The Smith's said...

Hey, they play in the fall if you want to join in. I used to play in highschool i hated the girl stuff did a lot of sports. Paydon was very cute but so was your little one.