Monday, May 5, 2008

An evening at the Park

WASSSSSSSSSSUP we had fun at the park tonight .

Tonight to get out and enjoy the fresh air we decided to walk down to the park and let the boys have some fun. Parker loves Sands. Cant wait to clean it off his tushy tomorrow!

Parker thought being at the slide meant he was a big boy. He was proud of himself.

Except when daddy made me go down the slide I wasn't so sure about it.

After I had laid there for a while I was okay.

Braden loves trains - I think the park needs to repaint the poor thing.

Yes that is my little stud muffin - he has been enjoying walking like this... I've noticed that he is getting more brave and venturing out during the day without being asked to walk.

Yes this looks like a disaster waiting to happen. I remember telling Brant - please go over there and help him - he proceeded to tell me that was about as far as the boy could go and he would figure it out. Needless to say by the time the camera was done with the shot he was on the floor. Not hurt.

SO I guess Parker is lacking fiber. This child loves himself some sticks.

I just love this photo - Braden is getting to be such a big boy... He has no fear when he is with his father.

When we got to the park Braden got onto the rabbit - before I could get the camera out he was off... but I made him get back on... LOVE this scrunchy smile he has.... if you cant see it... click on the photo - cause that smile is worth a million.

This is Parkers new thing. Yes from his position he can stand up on his own. Plus this position seems to be his favorite while playing.

Daddy kept covering up his foot .... it was very amusing.

At the house I use anything with wheels to help me walk. This thing wouldn't go very well in the Sand.

We had a fun evening. Brant has indicated that he would like a grill - which is a shocker for me cause I vividly remember him during our first year, griping about cooking outside. So I told him that sounds like a good fathers day gift. So guess he knows what he will be getting and the boy better use it and use it well! I love grilled food! So anyone want to recommend one?
Anyways the boys didn't get to bed on time so that better mean they give me a few more minutes of sleep tonight. Here's to dreaming I know.


Chris and Bethany said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. How's OK? I've only ever driven throuhg on my way from Texas to Kansas. I come across some pretty interesting blogs sometimes with the next blog thing.

Melanie said...

What fun! I can't believe how well Parker gets around...he puts Cade to shame! Your boys are darling!

Crystal Foy said...

I love that picture of Brant and Braden! And of course Braden's million dollar smile, it's adorable :) I never see your boys, but I still can't believe how big they are getting!

The Smith's said...

Happy mom's day yesterday. Hope it was a gooder one. We will maybe have to get to the park or do something.

LDS Greats Blog said...

I had to comment on the cute orange shirt your son is wearing. I bought the same one for my 4 yr. old. It so cracked me up while I was in the store. You have excellent taste! I think the apron swap idea is such a cute one. I came here from your link in the yw group. -J. Barzee in Idaho