Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day and...

So I had a great mothers day weekend. I was treated to Red Lobster and Iron Man (the movie) on Friday night. It was nice to get out without the little ones (thanks nana and papa G). Saturday we attended my youngest Brother in Laws college graduation, then spent the day with family and his friends that were stopping in. We all played in the pool. It was Parker's first time in the swimming pool and he loved it. Braden loves the water but is scared about going under... we didnt have a life jacket for him and the only place in the pool he could be without us was the steps. I need to check with conoco about their swimming lessons.
We got both of our mothers some flowers, both enjoy flowers and they suffer like I do, rarely do we actually get them! So I got myself some too! Didnt I do a good job.
My mother got me this figurine. How sweet is that.
I have to say my highlight of my mothers day was; I laid down for a nap after we got done visiting everyone, as I came out of the bedroom Braden rushed to me and I thought I heard "mommy stay" I was like sure I'm gonna stay... and he kept saying it over and over... I walked in and brant said no Braden Happy.... and Braden said it again but it was "Mommy's Day". That made the whole day!
So today I decided to call and get my eyes checked and get contacts before summer rolls around. As I was on the phone I noticed the boys had been quiet but I really needed to stay on the phone. I dont let the boys play in the kitchen and that is where they were... but I figured they had found something to do.... low and behold when i got off the phone I found this.
Braden and Parker
Braden and Parker - Yeah notice the handprints on the fridge too... AHHHHHHHHHH
Yes they got ahold of the flour.. a whole small sack of bakers flour..... I guess it was alot of fun. As I walked in Braden was pouring it on Parkers head. I think Parker got the blunt of it.
I called Brant and calmly asked where is the camera. He said I dont know. I said I would like to take a picture of the kids before I kill them. Of course he thought it sounded funny over the phone. Hope he enjoys these photos too! Its almost nap time for the two rug rats and they are just going to have to be all dusty.... cause I am in no mood for baths right now!
I do hope everyone had an enjoyable mothers day. Hopefully it was a day of love and rest!


Melanie said...

Oh.My.Goodness. You are a much more calm mother than I am. I would have strangled my children!

And Happy Mother's Day - I have that figurine and love it!

Kendra said...

Amen about flowers! C'mon men! :) I can't believe that mess! I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day weekend!