Saturday, May 17, 2008

Round of Applause

Round of Applause for my husband please. The Floors are DONE! Yeah! YEAH! YEAH! - so now we just have to do the trim work - but we will be moving everyone up stairs next week - OH WHAT A BLESSING -

Looks like I'll be busy decorating soon - that sounds so fun - I've never really got to do anything for my boys this whole time!
Okay so here is my list
  1. Paint White Navy White stripe around the boys room
  2. Paint out dresser and night stand and bunk beds (we are picking up memorial day weekend)
  3. Get hangers - the boys clothes have never been hung up
  4. Find a Shade for the boys room with a curtain.
  5. Ceiling fan for their room

I'll do their room first before working on mine - other than putting shades on the windows lol cause our neighbors have a birds eye view to everything in there!


Kendra said...

I'm so jealous! I can't wait to have a house to decorate and buy furniture for someday! :) The floors look great!

The Smith's said...

That looks good. I am clapping for him. The water was great. I am not sure when we'll be able to get out on the water again but i'll let you know. Sarah