Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend...

So I'm a slacker - how terrible am I. Two weeks and no post. Slap my hand. So let me tell you all about the week before and the weekend of memorial day and then I'll post again tomorrow about the progress of the house.

Wednesday the 21st I got my contacts. Yeah me!!! Since we are remodeling I dont really have a place in the bathroom to call my own or a vanity in our bedroom yet so I decided in all my "smart mommy" wisdom to use the kitchen table. So things went well for the most part, still taking me a long time to get them in and out but oh well... I'm learning. Braden has been on a kick of waking up and messing in the kitchen. Friday morning I'm asleep and have Parker sleeping on my arm, i hear a cabinet door close, I kick brant trying to not yell to wake up the baby but to wake up my log of a husband.... braden is in the KITCHEN.... finally woke up and found the mess thta braden had left.... Brant then makes the most ridiculous comment... I hope you have your contacts in... when you know there is no way i would have them in ... I dont sleep with them in... dork!
Well we found both of them cause they were color tinted blue - but they were in garlic salt and seasoning salt.... he had empty a whole bottle of opti-free...... also squirted the botanical bug spray in his eyes... I washed my contacts... smelt them to see if maybe he sprayed bug spray on them.... kept trying to put them in but i couldnt tell which one is which or if they were so dirty that was the reason my eyes couldnt do it... I called the nice ladies at the doctors office and proceeded to tell me to bring them in and they would check them out..... when I walked in they said... we dont even want to look at them... we are throwing them away... They didnt have the tinted in my toric lens (i have one eye that has astigmatism)... but this way it has made it so easy - I've asked them to see if they can keep doing that cause it will sure make half of my stress go away - now all I have to figure out is if they are inverted before I blink and create a river of tears!
SOOOOOO... that episode put a dent in our time schedule but we knew the trip could only go better cause it sure started off with alot of yelling and me screaming....

Yes that is Braden all by himself in the swimming in his life jacket. We had a very fun time at a friends house for memorial day weekend. We traveled to lawton oklahoma. Our friend has a nice setup and even hired a baby sitter that is a life guard to watch the pool in case us adults werent paying attention.
What was so odd about this swimming adventure... Braden has always loved the pool... and I mean LOVED the pool. The last time we had him at nana and papas he was extra clingy but the water was little chilly so I chalked it up to that and it being the first of the season.... We got down to lawton and hadnt gotten his life jacket yet for the year... that night he wouldnt really get in the water - he would ride in the "boat" (raft) and if he was out of that he was clinging on for dear life... not like my usual water bug. Friday night we went and got him his life jacket (water coat as he calls it). Saturday he still didnt want anything to do with the water... would just sit over on the steps and watch..... we forced him into the water and he was clingy for a good 40 minutes... then finally he let go long enough to see he wouldnt sink..... then the game was ON.... The photo above of him in the deep end was basically the next 4 hours of him in the pool just spinning around and doggy paddling around the pool...

I think Parker felt alittle left out... he really wanted in that pool.

Yep this is my water bug... this is how he was the entire time... didnt need anyone even near him to have a good time.

Parker trying to figure out how to get into the fence!

This was our friends backyard. Yes the brick building was the pool house that had a shower and a toilet and if you wanted air conditioning and didnt want to go to the house he set up his fifth wheel... Braden fell in love with the sand box and loved the play house.

It was a good trip. The boys were robots that wouldn't sleep. Mommy and daddy were exhausted and sun burnt. But we had a blast.
We got home and have been working on the house mostly. I will post a thread about the progress once I go upstairs tomorrow and put the drawers in the dresser lol... and make the beds... things are still sparse but the trim should be done soon... Windows and all doors except the master which has to be redone have been completed... so now it is onto the baseboards. We've been sleeping upstairs since the Memorial Day (Monday) and it has been a total blessing. No more kitchen episodes and the contacts have stayed safe since then.

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Wow! Talk about adventures! Sounds like fun and chaos!