Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Almost a year...

Last post for the night! I've been slacking. We've been trying to get the house all organized cause we have all rooms usable now. I feel like I've been in a state of moving for, oh 3 years! We have too much crud. I'm thinking about having a dumpster delivered, the trash men are not going to like me (they dont like me already) cause I'm gonna tackle this office this weekend I hope - there is probably four cans worth of papers I dont need anymore!

Anywho... to the point of the post. Parker will be One in ONE week! This year has been so awesome. Brant has been working for Conoco and it is just so wonderful to have him home with us as often as we get him. The stress level for him has been dramatically reduced which has done wonders health wise for him. Parker is a special little guy with a glowing personality. We are so blessed to have two healthy, sweet, charming little boys. Parker is the type of kid that makes you want a whole house full. This house is pretty full, might have room for 1 more in a few years!

Okay so I did this photo of a side by side of Parker at 11 months and one of him at 5 weeks. He's a looker!!! Doesnt really look like the same baby to me. Doesnt really look like his brother to me either!

Okay so dont you think Parker looks like his momma?

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Melanie said...

I love all the updated posts. Yes, Parker definitely looks like you! I can't believe our babies will be ONE! Your boys are darling!