Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vacation Notice

Hey everyone! We are leaving for the Lake tomorrow. We will be out there for a week! We are looking forward to spending time with family. Relaxing, napping, playing in the water, relaxing, napping, four wheeling, relaxing, napping.
We've been doing the july fourth vacation now for 5 years minus last year since we just had a baby!
We will be celebrating Parkers 1st birthday while we are there, and again when we get back with my side of the family. He spent his birthday playing over at grandma and papa b's. I think he had a decent time. He did keep slipping on the patio and conking his head. We go to the doctor today for his 1 year check up. I'll post his stats and a photo, maybe from the visit lol.. i think my doctor will want to check my head for wanting to take photos. But it might pass the time along cause they arent the most prompt office. What do you all think he will weigh? I'm thinking around 23 pounds... I might be way off but the child stil wears 6-9 month onesies, one he has wore since he was around 3 months old! I do think it is cool that he isnt as big as Braden was at this point cause since my first was a winter baby I didnt have large clothes for Summer, so it is all working out. YEAH!

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Crystal Foy said...

Have fun on your vacation :)