Monday, June 9, 2008

Play Ball

Okay so Church softball season started a few weeks back, the guys are 2-2. Brant, my Father and my brother are all playing on the team. Which has called "ball fever" around here. Daily Braden is asking to go play ball with Papa B. Never daddy, always Papa B. Last Wednesday night while I was at mutual the guys stayed over at my parents to practice throwing. Grandma got the camera out and got some good snapshots. Please ignore the dates on the photo... someone didnt reset the calendar on the camera after recharging.... (probably was me).


The Smith's said...

AAHH You are so lucky to have your parents right there. I wish that mine were some what close so my kids knew them better.

Crystal Foy said...

You're family is just so adorable! I love the picture of your boy and grandpa :)It was also fun to see you last sunday, you are definitely a busy momma!

The Braggs said...

Hi Jill, You don't know me, but i am Sarah Smiths little sister. My name is Becka. I just wanted to thank you for befriending my sister and making her feel welcome in OK. We miss her a lot but it makes it easier knowing that she has someone to talk to and hang out with. You have a cute family. Thanks Again. Becka Bragg