Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Boys...

Thought I should get some updated photos of the boys, still waiting on nana garrison to get me some from the swimming pool.
Parker's new fun thing to do is to go through tunnels - he thinks this is HILARIOUS. When he starts to giggle it usually makes me giggle too. I couldnt get braden out of the way tonight as I was trying to get some photos so they arent really of him doing much.
Braden in all his Cheesiness. This child has this smile down to a science. Just say CHEESE and you get this every time.

This bites this one was blurry but he was coming at me so quickly through the tunnel i had to click fast without focusing! Didnt know I should of had it on the "action" mode.
This tunnel we had when Braden was a baby - he didnt understand the tunnel so it never really got used. About three weeks ago Brant was playing with Parker on the floor and made a tunnel with his body (like a bridge) and Parker would crawl through, laugh, and then dart back through, he would go through his arms, his legs, anything that he thought he could fit through and just giggle. It was late and Brant was not in blog appropriate attire so I didnt get the photos or video ... but it was the cutest thing I had ever saw. Afterwards I was like hey I have a tunnel, next day he was hooked. Of course now Braden thinks the tunnel is cool and hogs it most of the time. We are trying to break Braden of his greed. Its a daily battle right now. Bubba (Parker) mostly gets to play with a tooth brush or whatever toy is near by when I tell Braden to share.

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