Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fathers Day

Fathers day was this weekend and I have to say I think Brant scored big time. Not only does he have two adorable boys and a lovely wife (you know its true) he got two pretty cool gifts.
Brant has been wanting an LCD TV for a while now. While shopping for miter saws he found this Sony Aquos TV on clearance at Sears. It fits in our current entertainment center and will eventually find its home in our bedroom once we find and can afford the kind of entertainment center we want. It really is a pretty tv that we all will get to enjoy. Movies on it sure are pretty - we were watching "Finding Nemo" today and noticed that when the physco little girl is pounding on fish tank at the end - trying to get the star fish off she leaves a finger print on the glass, we can see that! We never saw it before.

Yes Brant is grilling, OUTSIDE. The earth must be coming to an end!!! Nah, he actually said he wanted it! I'm all for him grilling!!! I love me some pork chops or burgers or tomorrow STEAK!!!

I'm rather lucky to have such a wonderful husband. We have been married for 6 years, we've had our moments that I wasnt sure we could make it through but we both have a goal to make "us" work. We dont like to give up in anything. I'm so happy that we have always came out of every issue stronger and really more in love. He is a special father to the boys. I truly think they are blessed having him and his example in their lives. Brant works very hard for us. Allowing me the time with the boys to watch them and nurture them as they grow is so important to me and he makes sacrifices so that I am able to stay home with them.

Incase you didnt know I love this fella *wink*. Hope you had a decent fathers day - even though you had to work.

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