Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer Time Helps

Okay so I am up going through my office – wait my new office – we are making progress people!!!! – anyways back to what I found. I was thumbing through and cutting out things I wanted to keep out of my parenting magazine – probably a good two years old… but came across
So Long, Summer Stains – and thought I would share the information. I know with my two boys it is amazing the stains they get and I am not the best at getting them out, mostly cause by the time they are out of their clothes mommy doesn’t want to think about laundry. But for all you that alert thought I would pass this along.

Grass – lightly dampen the stain. Pour on a bit of liquid dish soap and gently rub it in. Let it set several hours, rinse, and wash.

Kool-Aid, Grape Juice, or Popsicles Soak the stain in hydrogen peroxide for an hour and rinse with cool water. Repeat if necessary. (Not – once you open the bottle, peroxide loses its potency within six months) side side note from Jill – This works for blood – too – just repeat until it is gone – where there was blood it will bubble and bubble till you got it all.

Berries – Pour baking soda onto the stain, dilute with hydrogen peroxide, and let it set an hour – the bubbling action from the peroxide and baking soda should erase the juice

Sunscreen – Gently blot the stain with foam shaving cream (not the gel kind) If that doesn’t work, lightly dampen the stain with water, pour on liquid dish soap, then treat that with straight hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes.

Also for you bubble loving mom’s – we cant get enough of the bubbles at the Garrison house hold – in a pinch and want the recipe for homemade Bubbles – here ya go.

Homemade Bubbles
¾ cup liquid dish soap (dawn ultra works best)
6 cups water

Fun things to blow through.

Plastic cookie cutters
Fly swatter (a new one lol)
Slotted spoon

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