Friday, June 20, 2008

Momma did it...

Okay so I was cleaning out the laundry room since we are moving stuff around the house, I was putting the clippers for the dog back in he box and thought - Lets cut parkers hair LOL... so yeah I did it... he thought it tickled so he laughed alot....

I still need to use my little tiny scissors to clip some of the fly aways. But I think I did as good as the barber shop - score one for momma I saved 6 dollars today!!! ha ha ha

Why do hair cuts always make babies look older?

So I have to give a talk on Sunday - our ward only gives you one week notice which when you have two little kids means you'll get about three hours to research and write it.... So everyone say a prayer for me LOL.... wait pray for the ward.

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The Smith's said...

Hey is such a babe. You should put some music on here to jazz it up a little lol
See ya sunday