Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yep, I'm now 35! YIKES!!!

This past weekend I hit a mile stone. Not sure I wanted to hit it but not sure you can stop it!!!!

 Oh and with 35 I went red headed!! Fun color but a pain to keep up. Probably wont last too much longer!

We went to Ponca City this weekend. I always try and go to the Oktoberfest in Ponca, sadly it was very disappointing this year. Kinda inspired me to possibly start doing a booth myself. Stinks when I dont walk away with anything in my hand I couldnt live without.

The boys did ride the ponys, not sure if three kids and 15 dollars was worth the 3 minute ride lol but oh well. I know they loved it and they will remember it. Jace had a great grin the entire time!

We celebrated Jace's 2nd birthday. Yep you read that right. He is TWO!!!
 He is everything a two year old is described as. Head strong. Active. Funny. Moody. LOVING.
 He is totally my hero.
 Jace loves to play with grandma's dog. Piper. Piper loves to gnaw on his fingers and he enjoys it!!!
 What is more fun than banging on wood! NUTTEN.
 Here is Jace's birthday cake. He loves to wear his fireman hat around the house. We have two hats, one he will wear and the other he will usually insist Brant or I wear too.
 He didnt enjoy us singing to him. Which made me feel alittle odd about our singing. Nor would he blow his candles out. Oh well. Always next year.
Brothers loved being apart of Jace's gift opening.

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