Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh My Heavens: Digital Designs

So for those that might be wondering what I am up too lately. I am working on a new business venture. My husband wants me to get a job, well he wants me to do something other than watch the kids all the time. So since I've been doing alot of digital scrapbooking for Young Womens and have alot of luck with people at least downloading them which in 6 months I've had alittle over 14000 Downloads.
So right now I have the domain name , I am currently trying to get some things done and organized to show examples of each. So I'm kinda excited about the whole process. It is something that calms me and keeps me entertained. So supposedly I am going to get a set of time each day that I wont have to be bothered and I will be able to work on things. I'm excited. Right now I'm trying to work out all the places that I might be able to set business cards or brochures at, or flyer's on bulletin boards... or mass emails lol... Not sure. I think it is so much fun to work with other peoples photos, its awesome to help make their memories even more cute =-) or special.

Anyways. Wish me Luck! If anything it will give me an excuse to do more digital art and hopefully take some classes on more digital art programs to learn how to use some of these programs to their FULLEST.


Sarah Smith said...

Good Luck! Hope you are feeling well! I love the new bunks the boys will love them more as they grow!!! Love the new pics! Happy late bday to brant! We will have to do some walking when the weather gets nice if you want!

Emerson and Cassandra said...

That's great Jill! You are so talented, that I'm sure it will go well.

Anonymous said...

I love your art...please continue doing it and sharing it with us..BeSt WiSHes!!! DM