Tuesday, February 5, 2008

There has been an accident!

Ahhh dont you just love those moments of PANIC.
Monday I was in the bedroom messing with some graphical projects I have for a client, Braden playing on the bed watching Blues Clues. I hear "OH CRAP" coming from the living room and then Parker screaming - then "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm an idiot" - as I come into the room Brant proceeds to tell me to call the doctor that he thinks he broke parkers nose.
I go get the phone - and proceed to ask HOW?
Brant has always thrown my kids up in the air - yes they love it. But it always gives everyone around us small strokes each time. Monday morning Brants aim in tossing the baby in the air painfully ended with Parker planting his nose on the wooden window sill.
Brant is always calm, but in this moment he had me alittle panicked since he is always a rock but he was rushing around trying to get dressed cause he is convinced we will be going to the emergency room. I told him, honey I don think babies have anything in their to break, their nose isnt really developed. He calmed down alittle. The nurse on the phone put me on hold to see what Dr had to say, he didnt feel we needed to go to the emergency room, but said to bring him in at 2 10 just to make sure.
Parkers pleasant attitude quickly returned. He acted pretty darn happy most of the day. Big Brother Braden cant understand that shoving baby brother on the floor isnt fun anymore now that our nose hurts!

Brant feels terrible - I know he wishes it was his nose instead. He swears he doesnt even want to play with the kid anymore. This is the second accident in two weeks. But hopefully he will understand that maybe throwing the baby in the air isnt really necessary at this stage in their life =-)

I thought I would post a Photo from Sunday, Monday and now today. Doctor said it will get WAY worse before it gets better - YEAH - so watch for the rainbow of colors I am sure he will produce.


Monday - first time in the sand - it doesnt taste good

Monday - mommy's straw tastes much better!



Melanie said...

Ouch! That looks SO painful. Poor little guy!

Crystal Foy said...

Aw...poor boy :(