Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cookie Monster

So with Braden I think he was about a year old before i ventured to giving him a chocolate cookie, Parker, I'm not so cautious and could care less about the mess.

After Dinner Saturday while we were all enjoying our cookies I felt it was only fair that my new little eater could have one, so he got about a third of a cookie.... HOW CUTE, HOW MESSY.

As you can see his bruise is about a yellow now, in some lighting it is even hard to tell. Amazing how fast little ones can heal.

Update on Braden and nursery. Can you say 180? We have a lovely new nursery leader and Braden is just LOVING IT. He willingly goes, actually we have to stop him each Sunday as we walk by on our way to sacrament. He loves playing with (ian) Ryan, and (idie) Heidi. He is just so happy to be there. What a blessing for me.

This week I was let go as Relief Society secretary and was called as Second Counselor in the Young Womens. I was just getting my feet soaked as secretary, but the Lord has another plan for me. I thoroughly enjoy working with the Young Women. I think mostly cause I don’t feel like I'm more than 18 anyhow, okay, really I feel like I'm 50 some days. But I'm looking forward to the challenges and blessings with this calling.

We will be helping Brants parents move stuff from storage to their new Lake property in Eufaula this weekend. We are looking forward to helping and getting to see them again.

It's almost 9 and I feel like I've been up for a week - this little lady is going to bed before the news comes on.

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Crystal Foy said...

I'm so glad he's enjoyed nursery :) And I thought I would just let you know those girls are going to LOVE you in young womens. You were definitely a fav leader to me! Have fun with it, I know you will. Those are some lucky girls :)