Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Parker Can Do....

So my sweet little boy has learned a new skill -

(in this video he gets stuck with his legs straight and his tush in the air)

(in this video - seconds after the other video he completes his sitting up - and proceeds to lung and carry on like he does all day)

Saturday morning as we were waiting to leave to visit family - I saw mister parker wayne, who can not crawl yet, sit up on his own. Yes he has mastered the whole get to my knees but added instead of going forward.... a push and viola on my tush!

I was so proud of him.... kinda scared him with my WAY TO GO PARKER!

Now he gets just about anywhere he wants to go - with his backwards glide and now with the sitting up - he just inches and sits... then turns to the direction... lunges... and starts the process all over again.