Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quick Photos and Philosphy

Friday night was Halloween. This is the first Halloween we did more than two houses. It was a long night. I do think the boys had a decent time. Braden got many compliments on his "cowboy" costume and again the "skunk" costume was gushed over.
Today (Sunday) I had to teach Young Womens at our ward. A lesson that I didn't feel I should give, smile, but we don't get to pick the lessons we want to teach. I'm sure this was to help me as much as the girls.
I've decided that I need to become more Black and White in my life. I've always accepted alot of grey. But I'm learning that grey area's don't work. Things I've found out the past month. Time is important. It is all about time. Making time for the things that are important. Important to the progression of my family and those goals that we have. Character, it is so important. Just like we discussed today, surrounding ourselves with things and people that bring light into our life, that sustain us in our lives. I've figured out that when there are things that bring darkness it can consume you.
So it might be too early for a yearly resolution but I have had a personal revelation that started three Sundays ago. A lesson that at the time didn't seem to apply but within two days everything that was discussed started happening in my life and I was confronted on how to handle it. I now know what problems I have to work on. It is hard teaching the youth in our church. They look to you to be an example. How poor of an example I can be with some things I allow or accept in my life. Time for an adjustment. I'm ready for this adjustment.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. November is here and with it a time for reflection on the things that we are thankful for. Its also the month that Braden will turn 3. How exciting. The next two months go by fast and I'm tightening my seat belt.


Melanie said...

I'm impressed at your "resolution" to live better...we could all use a reminder like that. I know you are an excellent teacher for the youth - they are lucky to have you!

Garrison Family said...

thanks Mel... always nice to hear that.
Been having a "month" that I would like to put behind me. SOON. Resolutions are always good.