Friday, November 7, 2008

Bartlesville or Houston

Family's in Ponca City were put on notice that their jobs will be moved to Bartlesville or Houston. We hope to find out in January. Here is to a ton of prayer that it is Bartlesville. Our family really has no desire to be in Houston (No offense). I know that my husband will go and try it out at least for 6 months, but I just dont know how to process this. I was born in Ponca City, never have left, my family is here. Both of our families are in Oklahoma and lets face it Houston is a long drive. Long with two little ones. I dont know. I know the Lord will provide for us. He will make things possible. Everything will be fine. I'm just having problems with the whole not knowing thing. I'm up for change. I'm not against moving an hour away. Or moving out towards Bartlesville.
Its really surreal right now. When my husband was hired on they said they wouldn't move them. They had put in all this money and moved everyone over to Ponca and they wouldn't be moving. At that point even though we had talked about moving a few different places because of insurance jobs, I kinda thought Conoco wont leave Ponca. We will probably be here forever. Which I was okay with. Guess the powers that be have/had other plans.
Okay it is almost 1 am - I'm headed to bed. Friday is looking to be hopefully a productive day. I would like to paint either the entry way or my dinning room. Depends on how long the grandparents can watch the kids!


Melanie said...

Wow, Jill - that is a big change. Are they moving Conoco completely out of Ponca - so all Conoco families have to move??

Good luck. I hope you can find peace until you guys hear the news.

Almostgreat said...

Well I will hope you move to B-ville!! I LOVED it there! It really is a GREAT place to live. And although Houston is a bit of a trip, it isn't too bad of a place to live and airfare from there to Tulsa is pretty cheap. Good luck on whichever they assign you and keep us posted! FYI... I am in Perry for most of this month!

Garrison Family said...

I just dont want to deal with Houston. I could take Dallas but not Houston. Bartlesville is doable. We have alot of past ward members there already.

PERRY!!! we need to schedule a lunch or something!