Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get out the Vote

So I arrived at our polling place at 9 30 - took about 15 minutes including travel time. (Two blocks away). No line but one had formed as I was leaving. But all in all things were moving smoothly. Lot of "first" time voters - I could hear questions that I didn't expect. Several of them were older people. Some had to redo their votes. I am so proud that people are voting today. No matter their vote. It is such a blessing to be able to have this voice. To show what is popular today. To point the direction of the country with our obligation to vote. So many people have in the past not cared enough or didn't value this enough. I am so glad that things have changed. I totally feel that this election alone will help the tone of the country. History will be made today. Either an African American will win the Presidency or a Woman will hold the Vice Presidents' Office. I am so tickled to be apart of history - I've got to get my box ready to put all the memento's up and be able to document this special moment.
Tonight the husband and I will be ordering pizza and staying up till who knows when to see this historical moment happen. I was one of those that stayed up all night in 2000. Politics, before my children was a pretty consuming thing. I have to say that it has become less consuming but still as important as ever.

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