Saturday, November 22, 2008

Buzz Cut

So Friday I was frustrated with Parker's hair. So I got the clippers out! BUZZ cut! He's such a good boy when it comes to letting me mess around with the clippers... cause I have no clue what I am doing! I still need to get my husbands shaver out and finish stuff up. Probably should do that before bedtime since we get to go to church tomorrow. I've found a few stray hairs today while I've been looking at him.
We've had a lazy day. We've not accomplished anything! WHAT a day! Sunday it supposed to be nice, so I think we will be doing a few things outside.
Last night I went to see Twilight with just about every 12-18 year old girl in Ponca (And a few adults lol). I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that it was as good as it was. It is soooo very different from the book, a different feel, definitely not anything like the book in the way it would draw you in. Not on the same level. But it was a pleasant movie. My husband will now be reading the book and commented during the movie that he can see why we love Edward and why we loved the book. The movie is about 25% as good as the book. I will be rereading the second book this week. My Bella Edward addiction was sparked again last night. I think I might even want to go view the movie again this week.
Shortly will be the OU vs Texas Tech game. BIG GAME for the Sooners! So here's to a lazy day of just relaxing and decompressing from our week, our month, our year - we dont do it enough I think, of course we are feeling guilty for wasting a full day. Oh well I think we are entitled to it every once in a while.


May Family said...

My parents live in Spring in an area called Imperial Oaks. It is in northeast Houston close to the Woodlands. We will probably be living somewhere close, probably south of there. I can't believe they're moving so many people out of Ponca. I hope you guys can go to Bartlesville so you can be close to family, but Houston is a great place too.

Sheri said...

Wow Parker looks so different with his hair buzzed!!! Cutie pie!

Sarah Smith said...

Parker is to grown up now I am not sure i am liking it LOL he is very qt. but to grown up.