Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank Heaven for Brants little Quirks

Okay so about a month ago we had taken Parker into the doctors to check on his circumcision at the end of the day I looked in the mirror and only had one of my diamond studs in my ears. I was heart broken. I felt like crying for a week straight. Brant had gotten them for me on Bradens first Christmas. I felt so special. He told me that over the years he can brings these back to the jeweler and upgrade them. So to my horror I had lost one. I figured it happened at the doctors office, parking lot, parents yard.... so many places. It wasnt in the bed, wasnt really visible anywhere. I was heartbroken.
My husband has an annoying habit. Those that know us, hear me gripe about it often. My husband LOVES the hair dryer. By this I mean, he is like a snake in the morning, so cold blooded. EVERY morning he crawls out of bed makes it somehow lol to the bathroom a few steps away, lays on the floor, props a hair dryer up and turns it on. And passes out for his "snooze" sleep.... or HOURS of sleep. He says he loves the hum of the hair dryer and it makes him warm. ANNOYS me beyond all end. If we were ever on the Newlywed Game and was asked what annoys you the most about your husband.... BINGO --- strange odd habit.
SO today while he was trying to sleep in the bathroom he eyed my ear ring!!!!!!!!!!
He came downstairs not sure if he had found the one that i was supposed to be keeping.. or if he had stumbled upon the other one.
IT WAS MY MATCH!!!!!!! I m so lucky!!! I felt like a new woman lol... it was a great pick me up for the day.
Monday the house will get touched up with paint and new wood around windows and the soffits!!!! This has been 7 years in the making. While the outside is being completed we will be deciding on one more color for this house lol... the entry way. Trying to find the perfect brown.
A family in our ward came by today, she asked what all we were going to do to finish up before we have to move. I started the list lol.... oh my we have alot but I know we will get it done and we will love this house lol....

I'll be sure and get some before and after photos! I need to share with you all the extreme makeover on a little budget this house has went through!

My family is so blessed! Tomorrow we will be sitting down at the table before we join family in Kansas and list those things that we are thankful for. I am going to start a thankful box. At the end of thanksgiving I am going to bind those things together or do a page, so we can keep them and reflect on those things next year. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL thanksgiving!

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Kendra said...

I'm glad your husband found the other earring! We will find out what we're having. I'm not patient enough to wait until the baby is born!