Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snapshot Sunday

So I wanted to participate in Snapshot Sunday, an idea my friend Sarah had. Yes I know it is Tuesday. But these were all taken Sunday. When we got home from Brants Parents Lake house.
These two are our first born - Tucker Jax (on top of the couch) and Peyton Taylor - both feeling royally neglected and left out!
So Brant has had this shirt for a long time it had become unstitched in the back. So he has been asking and asking for me to fix it. He asked again Sunday evening as he was getting his clothes ready for the work week. So here is me and my first hand sewing fix (other than buttons) to his work clothes lol.

So there are two photos on here of my Fall decoration. Mom was kind enough to let me go through some of her stuff she wasn't using anymore! This is in the kitchen - mom put them there during Braden's party and I thought they looked cute so that is where they got to stay all week.

Bradens birthday was a big hit. He loved this string of fun things we had put up and yes we haven't taken it down cause he wants to talk about each day. I'm trying to figure out how to put it up in his room without him being able to get to it and ruin it.

Alittle corner in my living room. I usually have Americana stuff on it... but another one of my moms old Fall decorations. Im gonna miss fall but am looking forward to decorating for Christmas this Friday!!!
I'll do better sarah i promise =-)

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Sarah said...

I didn't know you had two dogs! They're so cute!

I've added you to my post - I'm so happy you're doing this too!

Tell your mom hi for me.