Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snapshot Sunday

Yes this is my kitchen table - got all the fall stuff gathered up and ready to be packed up.
Outside Decoration

Here is the new color of the entry way. My parents came and painted last weekend while we were out of town. Aren't they nice. We still have to paint the trim.. strip the wood on the banister and paint the stairs! oh and the ceiling (we not that's kinda backwards)

Yes Yes Yes I know 7 days late.. but oh well... at least we got alot of practice of how to put the countdown pieces on the tree. I can already tell this is going to be a pain in my rear. I still need to go to walmart and get one of those 3 M sticker hooks ... It wont be in that exact location.

The tree in all its pre-decoration glory. Thats right... It has lights and the star lol other than that...... the boxes are ready to go through tomorrow night - Prefect family night activity!


Sarah said...

OMG, Jill! I think that that advent calendar we had growing up must have come from a Relief Society project - it looks just like yours! lol

Garrison Family said...

yes it must of been an RS thing... I remember seeing Melanie's Last year... looked just like it lol....

I love it... mom gave it to me last year~

Hartley2 said...

You don't happen to have a pattern for that advent calendar, do you? I made one very much like that in RS a hundred years ago & my daughter has been looking for a pattern.

Garrison Family said...

Pam - let me ask my mom if she still has the pattern... It was YEARS ago that mom made it. She gave it to me since we are the ones with kids... its all felt so it probably wouldnt be too hard... She is good about keeping things. I might be missing one piece thanks to the little hands of my 17 month old ( CHILDREN ) ... Give me a day and I'll email you - email me so i have a way to contact you - j.l.garrison(@) (take () out just did that cause of spammers)