Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a Week!

Okay so what a week! It has been one accident after another lately. Monday I fell down the stairs. I was holding Parker. Since I was holding him and trying to break his fall I did not do a very good job at saving myself. I think Parker walked away with a small bruise on his cheek ... tears quickly stopped. Mine on the other hand. Lingered... Still Lingers! So when this happened my husband was upstairs asleep since he had gotten off a night rotation. I screamed for help cause first I needed to make sure Parker was okay and I was unable to move much. I'm a wuss I think. I've never broke a bone. Only had one sprain that I knew of and that was over within a day. So I couldn't tell if I had broke my ankle, toe, foot, but it was in pain. Husband immediately put ice on it. Everything calmed down and he went upstairs to go back to sleep. Still unable to move I didn't see my little Parker crawl under a table, he messed with a ladder that has sat there forever and never gets touched. On top of the ladder was a speaker. At least a 5 pound speaker. It came hurling down and punctured Parker in the head... so here I am gimping under the table... blood gushing from a head wound... Brant awoke to the screams of the baby and me saying Brant there is Blood I need you. Brant decided maybe sleep wasn't in his cards. So he stayed awake. I waited for a doctor to call me back on what I should do about this ankle. Finally around 5 30 we dropped the boys off at my parents and went to an urgent care clinic. Nothing was broke. Just sprained. I've heard it might have felt better if it had just broke.
So Tuesday night I went to the church to set up for the Halloween party. Brant had bowling league. He opted to take Braden with him. Braden was fascinated with the arcade. He wasn't well supervised but Brant did manage to catch a glimpse of him bending over looking at his toes as he jumped from one of the "car" arcade games. He went face first into the box where the seat is. First real nice shiner!
Same night I had mom watch Parker as I was decorating. Parker managed to go face first into the bricks around mom's flower beds. Tooth almost through the lip. Seriously can anything more happen this week? I'm not sure I can handle anything more "injury wise".
So Wednesday we had part 1 of our Halloween adventure. Ward Halloween Party. Braden was a cowboy. Parker a skunk.
A deadly skunk.
That loves BALLS.
Braden loves his 8 or older cap guns his father picked up for him. I have a feeling he will have them taken away alot. He shoots everyone and then tells them to Die. I told him that we only shoot bad guys. So He proclaimed that Papa B was a bad guy and shot him.
Today as I'm getting onto him I told him he was being a bad boy. He laughed and told me to shoot him.

Stink eye from the skunk. This costume was Braden's first one. I had picked it cause that child had some stinky diapers. Parker fits this costume cause he has the attitude and looks of a skunk most days.
As some might now tomorrow is my mothers Birthday! So we are going over there. We will be trick and treating and then handing out candy. And celebrating moms birthday! I'm looking forward to it. My mom is my best friend. She is there for me whenever I need her. She listens and doesn't judge me. She understands my trials. She knows my heartaches. And hey she loves my kids... okay she might have too but .... she's pretty darn awesome. I'm very lucky to have her so close and so available. I count that blessing every night.
So I'll have more photos tomorrow (or tonight for those that check the time stamp). I'm hoping Braden has fun getting candy from people. He enjoyed it the other night at the trunk or treat. I think he will enjoy giving the candy most of all. And that might be the best thing since Mommas toes still can not handle alot of pressure.


Mandi said...

Too cute! I love, love, love the skunk costume! Have fun tonight!

Melanie said...

Cute Halloween costumes - and I really hope there are no more injuries around your house!!

Katie said...

Good luck tonight and this weekend. No more accidents, I hope . Have fun trick or treating tonight.
PS I love the pic and I am looking forward to more!

Jodi said...

Hey could you explain to me how to do the RSS Feeds? I am not sure how to add that on my sidebar.

Thanks so much!

You can email me at

jw_boys_r_us AT yahoo dot com

Susie said...

My goodness --- what a week! That is a perfect title. By the way... the skunk costume is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen! Soo adorable!

Kendra said...

Oh my goodness! I hate when kids get hurt!

They sure look cute in their Halloween costumes!