Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What a Fun Night...

Some might know this but I serve in a church calling where I get to direct and have a blast with our 12-13 year old girls. They are called "Beehives". Anyways this month was our turn to do the activity for all the Young Women 12-18 year olds. Well I decided we would play some games. So we did some pictionary scripture style and then I pulled out a game from my past. One that a family (walkers) taught us when we were young and I swear I played it till the time I graduated.

I've named it TOWER OF FLOUR - for giggles.... anyways... I wanted to share a photo of the results of the game and tell you all that I have another blog that I've been working on
What is cool is that I have two websites that have taken my work that I've done and have linked it for more and more people to use. I'm just tickled pink!


Melanie said...

Now THAT brings back fun memories. I haven't played that game in years. How fun!

Katie said...

Those girls have grown up alot in the last year and a half. It looks like a lot of fun!