Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Diesel Weekend...

My husband and I run a diesel truck group for the "heartland" area. We've tried to make the group family friendly and have events, meets that express that. One member through a party this past weekend. He did a great job. Booked a rock-a-billy band cooked out! Sold T-shirts. Had a small "vote" on trucks, gave out plaques. He did as well as you could expect.
Anywho, usually dont post about this stuff, but it is something that takes up alot of our spare time.

Parker Wayne trying to drive.
Here are some of the trucks that showed up to the Diesels in the Heartland event.
Diesels are all about how much smoke they can make. Here is one of the trucks during the burn out competition (spur of the moment competition)
I think around 5-6 tucks did burn outs and this was the aftermath of smoke... it smelt like burnt rubber and/or clutch for the rest of the night.
Entertaining yes, stinky yes, great for the nerves... no.

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