Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So behind...

Okay so I need to confess something, I totally space out when it comes to blogging. There are some months that I probably post too much and others that I struggle to even think past checking my email and keeping up on other peoples blogs, cause lets face it most people have such interesting lives. Actually we get so busy that certain things fall through the cracks.
This is one of those that fell through the cracks. I have been organizing our computer files and came across this set of photos. Brant, Nick and Shawn are into RC trucks. One good thing about being big ol' kids is that when they go to play they can take the kids with them. Oh my does this work for me - NAP TIME in quiet!!!!

Braden and Kasha.
This is Brant ramping his truck. Our town has put in a DMX course near Conoco. The owner of the track allows the guys to run their toys on it. The guys are quickly figuring out that they need their own course with not so big of jumps !

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