Sunday, October 5, 2008

Parkers 15 month Check Up

This photo was from like a month ago! Sorry! It was from the Texas Roadhouse YUM.

Okay so Thursday Parker went in to see Dr. Holden. He grew! Parker is 23 lbs and the lady wrote down 30 inches but I think he is more like 32-33 inches. I will measure him again myself. He has hit all his milestones and is doing well only has like 1 or 2 things left to do before he is 18 months! I think we can do it!
Parker is a hoot of a kid. He is cutting a heck of a lot of teeth at the current moment so he is crying alot but other than that he is such a happy, flirty kid. Amazing that my 10 lb 6 oz baby is so small compared to the growth that his older brother went through. We are almost into 18 month clothes but mostly just still 9-12 or 12. Braden was in 12 month at 6 months and out of them by 9 months! Amazing how two people can create two different kids! Wonder what a third would be like.

Anyways wanted everyone to know that P Wayne is healthy and doing great!

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