Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Update

Yes I've been slacking, what else is new! Isn't it amazing how busy life can get and then you try to document it and you cant think what the heck filled up all your time?

Last weekend we went to OKC to visit Brants parents and to attend the OU vs TCU (blowout) without children! It was enjoyable! Rocked seeing OU kick the pooh out of the other team! We sat by some nice people from Enid which made it more enjoyable because we were next to all the TCU fans! I think the police spent most of their time in our section escorting rowdy TCU fans to the exit.
Wednesday this week our Bishops Family gave us their swing/fort set! Braden has loved getting to play on it ever since. We still have to replace one board to make the tarp on the fort work and fill the sandbox up and get a tarp to cover it so the neighborhood strays don't use it for their own potty.
My husband in all his wisdom decided he would sit on the twirly seat (yes i have no idea what the name is but it was a swing that was connected to just one hook that allowed it to spin around and around) My husband is a big man... it didn't look or sound right when he started.... soon after sitting and spinning his tush met the ground. I guess the nut was not screwed on and it stripped right through. I felt he deserved it ... but I did get a few laughs out of it.
Friday night we had a cook out. The meat market had some Yummy center cut pork chops, so we fired up the grill and invited some friends over.
I didn't have the camera handy that night but Paydon (sarahs son) got to get on the swing, he LOVES it.
Saturday we went to the Oktoberfest, an annual affair for Ponca City. But again there was hardly anything there... nothing I couldn't live without which is just sad. I think I'm gonna start watching for other Oktoberfests so that I can see if the vendors are just standing us up or what!
Saturday night us and a few people went to Mulhall for a nice dinner and a live band (or duo).
Sunday morning arrived with a phone call from Sarah saying she was bringing breakfast over. Conference didn't start till 11 am so we ate breakfast and then the kids went outside to play. THIS time I remembered the camera.
Again we cant express how grateful we are to our ward. The ward members are so nice! There aren't alot of families with kids and even less with small ones so we've been given so many things from these families that their children are growing up. My boys are in heaven and so are their friends.
Braden, Kasha and Paydon - all enjoying a swing.
Paydon adores the swing (and yes they had infant swings that are the cutest bears! so cute)
Braden in his Fort - or when Kasha has been around it turns into a Barbie House.
Braden on the slide - yes he decided what he was going to wear today. Tshirt, Shorts and cowboy Boots.
Kasha Bear sliding!
Paydon getting a good push by his sister Kasha. He would just giggle and giggle. He LOVES the swing - Daddy I think someone needs a swing!!!
Parker giving me the "What you looking at" look. He isn't brave enough for the slide but he loves the fort.
After the Smiths left Braden was sad. So I called his Grandma up and had her come pick him up. You will never believe what my lil Parker Wayne did when they were gone. He helped me with laundry, picked up clothes that I asked him to put up.. and then... he squatted in the kitchen, I looked at him and said do you need to poop and he took off running to the bathroom. He wanted on the big potty (yes we have been working with his brother but not him) I took his diaper off and saw he had started, so i took what he had and then put him on the lil potty... he FINISHED... he was so proud of himself and the music played on the potty. Of course he didn't think he needed underwear but momma didn't really want to play that game today cause well he has never shown signs of when he needs to pee... So I'm thinking Brant has the weekend off and instead of one to work with I think we will be working with two. Maybe the competition will be good for Braden.
Sorry this is a long post. I will try and be better and post more often so that you don't have to read a book each time.


Melanie said...

You've been busy! What a fun swing set - and so generous to have it given to you. I can't believe little Parker might be on his way to potty-training! That's going to put the pressure on Cade!!

Garrison Family said...

yeah well my eldest is so not even close lol... talk about pressure! I really want him done before he is 3 which gives me alittle over a month. I better snap to it.

I know - It was the Woods, Lawton and Audrey... wasnt that nice of them. I guess all their kids all had a set or wont be in a position to have it for a while. We were pretty lucky!