Sunday, October 26, 2008

An October Day...

Saturday a friend reminded me that Lowe's was having their bi-monthly lil builder day. I didn't know how Braden would be able to handle this, let alone how I would handle him doing a "project" of sorts. But all in all it was a tremendous day! I was so impressed with Braden's "hand, eye" coordination. He didn't hit his or my finger the whole time... I on the other hand hit my own finger several times.
For those of you that have little ones and want a fun "FREE" project to do with your kids. Boy or Girl. Check out your local Lowes (not sure if Home Depot does it - we don't have one of those). On November 9th they are doing a Semi-Truck. Parker was signed up for that one. That will be a mommy project for P Wayne so that we don't have fights over the truck!

Saturday we had some fun. Brant took me to the Affair of the Heart in OKC. It is a craft fair, we are talking HUGE craft fair. I love attending. Last time I went Braden was lil. He was so manageable then. Myself and I think our Friends the Smiths are quickly finding we might need to invest in a good babysitter. I know of one that I'm sure could handle the chaos. Actually I can think of a couple. Next time I want to attend something they are so going to a baby sitter or the "Men Folk" can stay home and tend to the youngin's .
When we got home as a bribe to be good boys I told them they could play outside. It was a lovely fall day. Probably high 70's, with a crisp fall Oklahoma breeze. The boys played on the swing set and fort. Swung in the "Airplane" and the "Teddy Bear" both loved swinging.

This is one of Parkers faces he makes. He might grow up to be an entertainer. He seems to be preforming for his own make believe audience often. He seems to be a hit with them.

Braden is learning that the Big Boy swing is just as fun as the baby's airplane.
Here is Braden just about to head down the Slide. He Loves his fort. I cant wait to put the "tent" shade up. I know he will adore the feeling of his own place to be.
Okay this smile should be illegal! Finally got the Action Shot mode to work on the camera and oh my he was having a blast swinging back and forth.
Braden in the "infant" airplane swing. He loves this thing. It had been at grandma and papa B's house and not really getting much use out of it. It has a new FUN home now.
Can you believe this kid wrestles his brother, throws fits during the Primary Sacrament program, Say's no more than any human should be able to, can throw a toy down in disgust. Yes this sweet face. This lil angle does all of that... but most important he can be a sweet, hug and kiss giving, loving kid. What a doll!

We got the sidewalk chalk out and I helped draw their names and whatever else they wanted to see. Parker chewed on the chalk. Yellow and Blue do make green. Runny Green drool.

One of the places Braden loves to play is on his Papa G's trailer. We have it often at our house cause we are OFTEN doing home projects where we either need to go to the dump or buy way too much stuff at Lowe's. I think Braden also uses it as a stage. He is very animated when he plays on the trailer. Everything is always more fun on Papa's trailer.

Here the boys are celebrating that mommy is not begging them to get down off the trailer before they hurt themselves. Get a load out of Pwayne. This face is what you see when he is giggling in delight. ( that didn't sound very manly huh)

The boys played with the coupe alot. They shared the front seat which is SO very rare. They filled up their car with gas. Parker played "i want the door shut" game with Braden. Both thought it was HILARIOUS.
You know sometimes you see celebrities give the paparazzi looks when they are fed up with the intrusion? Yeah this is Parker's... "haven't you seen enough yet?" look.
Parker in mid laugh over the "Shut/Open" door game!
We had a decent Saturday. Loved going to the City. Didn't love my children's behavior. Got a few cute things to hang up on the walls and I will take photos asap. We have a list of renovations I need to accomplish before the holidays! Which are rapidly approaching.
Okay I have had around 15 hours of sleep total since Friday night. I must say goodnight/farewell/ ;)
This week is going to be filled with lots of candy, chaos and hopefully some fun. Hope the weather is nice. We have a church Halloween Party Wednesday, Downtown Ponca is having a Halloween carnival Thursday and then Friday is of course trick or treat night. I don't think Braden will make it to many doors but I know that as we Celebrate G'ma's birthday Halloween that he will enjoy handing out candy to all the cool costumes and such.
We hope everyone has a safe fun Halloween.


Sheri said...

You got some really great pics of the boys that I am really lovin!! That 1st one of Braden at Lowes just melts my heart!! Such a little man!

Sarah said...

Too much in one post too comment on - such cute, cute pictures! Your boys are absolute dolls.

Melanie said...

Fun update, Jill. I hope you have a fun Halloween week. Your boys are darling.

Susie said...

That is so stinking cute!!! Jill -- you are such a talented photographer! Great job! Your son looks so much like you and reminds me a lot of Jay too. Anyway, hope all is going well!