Friday, October 17, 2008

Ready for Halloween?

So we are so not ready for Halloween - i have some of Braden's costume I think. Heck if I know what he really wants to be. But I must make my mind of up this week. Parker will be a skunk, which is what Braden was his very first Halloween. He will make a cute skunk. I think we are either going to do Braden as a cowboy or Buzz Lightyear. I'm just torn right now. And he could probably care less.
This is a photo we took Thursday night. I need to send out Halloween cards to all the family and finally got around to getting a photo of the boys. This is as good as it gets with these two. Out of 15 shots this was the best. Both were attempting to look at the camera. Of course seconds after this shot Parker was not happy about the death grip "hug" Braden was laying on him.
Anyways - for those that are concerned Braden has had no more poop incidents this week. So I'm hoping we are getting somewhere.
Tomorrow we are headed to Shady Point Oklahoma, Poteau Oklahoma - the tallest hill! Shall be interesting. That part of Oklahoma is very pretty and it will be nice to see the sites. I bet the tree's will be beautiful with all the fall colors!

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Love this! See ya tonight.