Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Heavens, today has been a day. Actually this week has been a week! Oh and we are just on Wednesday! Someone say a prayer for me, wait no say a prayer for the kids.

So I need advice! Braden has been potty training himself. He got this idea on Monday. He had woke up early and decided that he was not wearing a diaper anymore. He refused to put on one and told me he needed to go potty. So he went first thing in the morning and actually went, like seriously went! I was impressed so we got the "cars" underwear back out and he was in Heaven with "Queen" on his tushy. No accidents all day! We even went to a friends house for a while and still no accident. I was so proud of him. Monday's naptime came and I put a diaper on him so that i could close his bedroom door and he would take a nap. I guess I'm going to have to get a baby monitor put in his room so i hear what he is doing up there because when I went upstairs to wake him up he had played in his poop. We are talking he had smear poop on everything.... I was livid... what a step backwards in the whole being a big boy... I put him in the cold shower to clean off while I scrubbed and scrubbed what smelt like a barn. I was actually getting sick to my stomach by the smell. I tried to be calm but this is a battle we've been doing with him over and over. No punishment seems to work.
Tuesday he did okay. He had one accident while we were at the hospital (will explain later) but other than that and naptime he pee'd we did great for the rest of the day. This morning (Wednesday) we awoke and did our business and then went to walmart to get some pull up's and another packaged of underwear cause I think he is pretty close to being ready. He did so good... no accident all morning. We put the pullup on for nap. Again I went up to wake them up and the smell of livestock overwhelmed me. Cold shower again. Told braden that he would be sitting on the couch for the rest of the afternoon with me and there would be no toys. Yes I was over reacting. No it didnt last all afternoon. His beloved grandma called to check on Parker (will explain later) and I told her of the naptime ritual. So grandma asked if he come to her house. To me this is kinda a reward but I was so upset with him and it wasnt right for me to keep him on the couch all evening. So we loaded up and he went to his grandma and might I add that he didnt have any accidents and even went number two (kinda) on the potty. Way to go.
So while he was gone I pine-sol'd everything in his room cause the smell is driving me crazy - I think I'm going to get the bathtub full of bleach and water tomorrow and soak all toys that arent cloth. I opened the windows lit a candle. It smelt better but i'm still smelling something! BOYS. As i was griping to my mother. She informed me it is a Bentley thing. My Father and his twin used to make Poop Art while they were in their cribs. JOY JOY JOY I called and talked to Brant and he said I should of disclosed this before we married.
So here is my plan of action and please someone let me know if they have any suggestions.
1. All toys are now located in the closet. This way I can lock them up if he misbehaves.
2. Cold showers
3. Extensive access to playdough so the "urge" might be taken away *giggle*

So I'm at a lost. I dont know how much longer I can take him making his room smell like a barn!

Okay so Parker. Poor Parker. He had his circumcision Tuesday morning. Poor guy has been kinda miserable. Today I had to take the wrapping and gauze off and oh my stars it ranks as the worse act i've had to do to one of my children. I was tearing up with the pain I was causing. He is a champ though. It was very traumatic but the pain meds are helping. Parker gets to see the doctor on Tuesday.. I'm sure everything is going to be great. But ouch ouch!

Brant will be on his long change (which is when he is off for 7 days) so we have a list of things to get done. We have painting to do. We have stuff to put in storage. We have furniture to move. We have so many things that hopefully I'll have so much information to blog on!
Sorry no photos. I'll try and get some new ones soon. The boys seem to be changing so much lately!


FiestyShamrock said...

Oh gosh it happened again!!! GAG! Too bad there isnt a way to MAKE him poo before his nap!
Ahhh poor ParkPark!!

Melanie said...

Oh my, Jill - you've had a rough few days. Potty training is so hard. I don't even have any good advice. I think your plan is good and I hope you can get rid of the smell. I hear you on the "smelly boy" thing - to think, soon I'll have FOUR little boys running around. That's too sad about Parker - hopefully it heals quickly!!

Andrea said...

Eek. I'm not ready for that. I would definitely plug in the monitor during naps. Poor Jill. You need a vacation.