Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wood, Flowers, and Canopy's

Well I havent been doing alot of updates... I know I know.... I'm a slacker but I've been kicking butt and taking names on creating digital scrapbooking layouts! Its my new obsession, okay old obsession making a come back... Anyways life has actually been continuing around me, imagine that. So as I was checking on everyone else's blog I thought I probably should take the time to show what has been going on around here.... so lets take this past week!
Mom thought she was having a heart-attack --- or dad insisted that it was probably a heart attack so she was taken to the emergency room .... when they gave her the nitro patch all the pain stopped so they were pretty sure it was a minor heart-attack. The did testing and nothing was damaged. Dad asked if it wasnt a heart attack what else could it be? Since the nitro patch worked and the last time she was in for what they thought was a heart attack it was a pulled muscle and the nitro gave her a severe headache. The doctors said that nitro works on soft muscle which would be the heart or the esophagus. So they were still leaning towards heart issues, since mom has a serious family history of it and if you go off when her sisters had their issues she was on borrowed time. So they scheduled for her to go get tested in Oklahoma City.
So I took the kids down to spend time with Nana and Papa G while I stayed with mom and dad at the Heart Hospital. Now compared to when my Aunt Debbie goes to Wichita things were so DIFFERENT. When Aunt Debbie goes it is literally an all day affair and sometimes a two day affair. I was prepared... Brought three books (well vampire Chronicles - Anne Rice). Get this... once they finally got her to the surgical room --- she was back in 15 minutes and was told she would be out of the room within 30 minutes.... 15 minutes to eat and then 15 minutes to get dressed stand and read discharge papers. Okay so if any of you know anything about an Anagram or have went through it like my aunt does. You are supposed to lay still with a sand bag on your chest for 6 hours!!! Imagine our shock and hesitation about what they were saying. Dad asked... did you go through the groan? They said yes, he said, cant she bleed to death? The explain some new plug that blocks the artery and then dissolves slowly so a clot then forms.
WOW - and get this NO BLOCKAGES --- nothing the matter with her heart! So looks like it is very severe acid reflux. Which sucks but is so much better than a heart issue!

When we bought this house in 2001 the first spring came around and I was so excited to be able to plant something in my flower beds... I love old traditional flowers, heirlooms if you will. One of my favorite flowers is a peony --- My peony was a baby when she was planted.... didnt fully bloom for at least two years... I almost thought about cutting it out and planting something else... but the last three years I've gotten BEAUTIFUL big blossoms... now if I could figure out how to make their stems stiffer or something (yes i know this is common with them) I cut one off Saturday and placed it with some Iris's in a vase... GOODNESS me they smell delightful! I mean seriously i could rub it all over me and wear it as perfume!!! Here is a close up of one of them outside... notice the ant? Did you know that it takes ants to open the bloom? Without ants they wont open. And if I was an ant like this one I wouldnt leave either!
Here is a pot that I did back in March - Beginning of March to be exact and we had snow and lots of frost filled nights/mornings but for the most part things are still happening with the pot.... I added the Petunia that I got from church on Mothers day.
Our project that started this weekend was to put up this Canopy. We bought it off a family from the advent (conoco's for sale ad's) for a steal... granted we cant find the second half of the screen --- which I could of swore I put in the truck... but oh well... so, this was the state of it this morning. Brant is headed to OKC as we speak to pick up fence paneling, and decking material.. he is going to build a platform for the Canopy and we will be putting in a privacy fence. I've been promised a fence for at least 3 years now, so I'm not holding my breath but I'm so very excited at the possibility of being about to relax in the backyard instead of panic when one of my monsters disappears out of site...

This is a photo of Braden before we headed down to Eufaula to pick up the trailer two weeks ago... Doesnt he look good in red.... just like his father.

Now for the story you wont believe. Take in all the photos and brace yourself for the story.

Yes ants, bugs, something cored out the tree.... about a six inch hole up the center of the tree and all the way to the base... there was plastic sacks throughout the trunk.. Imagine brants surprise when the blade started chewing up plastic walmart sacks!

Okay so we had this tree that was at the entrance of the driveway from the ally.. It has always been an ugly tree and always spits nasty things on the truck.... we've been wanting to take it out for years and have a wider driveway but never really had the cash to have someone come and do it. Now Brant in all of his wisdom decided that he can do it.... and proceeded to start this project around 5 yesterday evening. Let me just tell you that the Lord really does watch out for you and sends people to help you even when you dont ask. A series of events happened that would just prove to be awesome. The chain was dull, ran out of gas and oil and it was dinner time... he had started the first cut into the tree when this occurred so we all loaded up... got dinner then went to the store and came back...
As he fired up the chainsaw some people were moving into the apartment next door. Low and behold a TREE CUTTING man was helping the boy move in. He proceeded to walk over and told brant that the tree would fall into the apartment (our apartment) and brant chuckled and said I hope not. And the man walked away. Five minutes later the man comes back over and says... You do know I do this for a living? Brant said, no sir I didnt and I would love any advice. The man proceeded to tell him that even though the angle of the cut was correct in theory that the tree was top heavy and leaning towards the apartment and would spin on the trunk and take out the apartment (and the garage for that matter) .... so the man said lets anchor this side of the tree to my truck and give it the pull that it will need to stay away from the apartment.... he climbed the ladder and tied the rope and then anchored it to the truck and then instructed brant on how to cut the rest .... and well it did still swipe the apartment but only took out a motion light or...well half of it....
I had a sick feeling about the whole cutting process... the tree didnt look right to me but I didnt know what it was... I was more concerned that it would spin and hit the neighbors apartment ... that would of been HORRIBLE....
So yeah thats what has went on in just a week of time lol around here. Im exhausted just talking about it! lol

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