Monday, May 18, 2009

Farm Town Addiction

BEWARE FARMTOWN IS ADDICTING Isnt my farm adorable... look at my lil animals... in the photo above you can see my grapes are ready to be harvested.... Who wouldnt enjoy being a farmer! Okay you might think I'm joking but I've watched it happen in someone else. I know it is not just an excuse not to do my dishes, or ............. get dressed. No in fact my my husband basically is doing his daily routines around when his crops are going to harvest. He will stalk people's farms so he is around when they need "workers" so he can get more cash... he is a sneaky lil farmer! He has already jumped over me in the "levels" of the game. But really I wanted to share this lil addiction that has happened to ma and pa garrison cause I think I have a pretty farm!!! This game is like a Sim City game where you are given a task --- create a farm, plow, plant, harvest, sell your crops, keep animals, create tree groves..... work for other people... buy more land and so forth --- it is in its beta form right now and yes that means there are glitches... like my animals not staying in their fenced in area (no wise cracks like --- Jill that happens in real life) I mean seriously I put them for a reason I dont like chasing them around the farm.
Anyways if your on Facebook check out FARMTOWN --- and add me as your neighbor, I will stop by at least once or twice daily and rake your leaves, water your crops... heck your farm might be hit by a tornado and need serious help! I'm there for ya!


Brant said...

Lies! its all Lies!! I stalk no one! I just politely drop by their farms from time to time :oP

Sarah Smith said...

HAHA You both are goof balls!!!!! Nuts if you ask me!!