Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day ----

The second mothers day after having Braden I asked for a Charm Bracelet... I love charm bracelets!!! LOVE THEM. I thought it would also be an easy way for Brant and the boys to give me a gift. Well lets just say its be lacking in the whole getting a charm routine... I got three all at once... and then I got the lil booties one for Parker ..... and then... much to me surprise... a new one this mothers day... an Open Heart pendent
Now what is cute about this whole thing is Braden and Brant picked it out while we were at the Mall on Friday --- Braden of course screams from the escalator Happy Mothers day.... and then proceeds to tell me he got me a necklace...
It was mothers day Friday and Saturday and Sunday and he is having a hard time understanding it isnt my birthday but it was so sweet... Sunday morning i can hear him from the gate that we put up in front of his door ... Happy Mothers Day!!!! Of course I think it was a ploy to get me up lol... but it was so sweet!!! I think this might of been my favorite mothers day to date!

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