Friday, May 22, 2009

Whats new

Wednesday night we had our yearly hotdog feast lol at the duck ponds! All my beehives made it which just made me so tickled! Love it when we get 100% attendance! I donated hotdogs--- cause I have them running out of my ears!
I was going through these photos and GOSH I'm getting really sad that we are losing so many to the move to Houston!

Softball started up Tuesday! Fun Fun for our family. We love to go out and support the men at church and its a great time for the ladies to talk and cheer. My kids love the ball park! Love all the rocks and all the other kids that are around.

We've been busy like usual. Not sure why but it seems like life is on fast forward and I'm just not sure I move that fast LOL.
So projects started:
Fence (all materials are in the backyard)
Playroom (floor finally arrived so that needs to be installed)
Girls Camp is rapidly approaching

Too much is going on!!!!
Seriously so much to do that I'm like, whoa seriously. Ran into a good friend of ours that I hadnt really seen in at least two years ( I think thats really bad i cant even remember that) anyways used to work with him and he used to spend nearly every night at our home watching the news with us ... ricky and I enjoy discussing politics... Anyways he got married and well you know how marriage works... busy busy boy and come to find out they had a baby girl 3 months ago! Adorable (at least from the photos) so, I need to call and set up a dinner.... adult time is so helpful when life gets crazy... problem is .. when do you fit it in... answer... YOU JUST DO IT. So I need to sit down and figure out the schedule and find a good time to do a ROOK night with food and drinks!
On a side note - Farm town --- I've caught brant again but he will go ahead tonight I'm sure... But by gosh I am going to do some good farming tonight!

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