Friday, December 14, 2007

My sweet child returned...

For this past month I have wondered where my sweet Braden had went, he had really turned into a very rude little fella that wouldnt sleep, kept climbing out of his crib, was being majorly bossy. I kept going through things to see what could be causing it... it usually ended up that he was probably mimicking my frustrations and lashing out.
Well yesterday he took the best nap - it didnt start till like 3:30 but he didnt get up till 7, I usually put Braden to bed at 8 - but since he just had woke up I was not going to listen to the screams if I made him go to bed at 8 - so I let him stay up with me till about 10:30 - then I told him he needed to go to bed and that he could take one of his trucks to bed with him if he wanted - so he took his backhoe and his drill and tootled right to bed, no screaming no crying. He sat in his bed, drank his milk, played with his truck and within 30 minutes he was asleep. I went to bed at midnight thinking, he would be up any hour climbing out of bed waking me up or sneaking into the living room to play or mess.

To my shocker he did not get out of bed till 8 am - at which time he didnt come into the room completely - he stood at my door way and grunted at me - like come on! He was so sweet and wanted to cuddle and set on the couch with me as we watched the Wonder Pets.

He literally behaved like an angel all day.

He didnt really want to take a nap but did anyhow after about 5 minutes of screaming. But other than that little episode, I seriously couldnt of asked for a better day. He listened. He obeyed. He wanted to help. It was awesome.

I decided I should blog about this so when tomorrow morning he wakes me up at 6:30 and wants me up and is rude and unruly again I can remember there is HOPE. He can behave. That sweet little boy is still there! =-)

I didnt take a photo today - but here is a photo from a few weeks ago. Actually thanksgiving. We celebrated his Birthday with Brants parents. He loved his cake this year.

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