Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another place for us on the Net

Okay so I think we are every where online, why not blogger.com too? I should get off my tush and finish our family website up but for some reason I never have the amount of time needed.
So here is my first blog.
What I hope this accomplishes.
A place that can archive the going on's of the family, accessible to everyone. Maybe alittle therapeutic for me, rambling is a past time of mine.
Simple easy way for others to read and comment about photos (hope there isnt a limit - cause we are picture taking fools)

So Hi blogger.com - the Garrison family is taking the plunge!

Here are a few photos from today, Parker is working on sitting up on his own. He can do it for the most part but kept th rowing himself backwards and hitting his head, so mommy got smart and remembered to get the boppy pillow out.

Powder - or better known as Brant - I had him come down to comfort braden. Braden has taken over my old cell phone which was a flip phone. He had managed to pinch the fat of the palm, Parker started fussing too, so brant came down stairs from sanding the drywall - i couldnt resist a photo.

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