Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

Christmas started early for our family, we traveled to Oklahoma City to celebrate with Brants family "Fiesta" style. Brant has an aunt that loves to cook mexican, does a very good job at it too. So we spent the night with Brants family Saturday and met up with all the uncles at Uncle Feltons.

Here are a few photos from that event.

Cousins Hunter and Caleb


After stuffing our faces we headed back to Brants parents house and opened presents. Braden had a blast opening gifts this year. It was fun to see how excited he was with each gift, though clothes he quickly placed them back in the box.

Here are photos of Braden

Nana and Papa Garrison got him safety gear. We are thinking about having him wear it daily since he always is falling down.

Braden scored in the PJ department. He is coming to show me the football themed PJS

This was definitely Bradens favorite toy. Way to go Uncle Brad. This is a Ford pickup with a trailer on back - Just like his daddy (not colors of course) - so he hooked and unhooked the trailer over and over all night.

Here are photos of Parker from that night.
I got parker this hat - dont care what anyone says it is ADORABLE. Granted he looks like a crazy person in this photo.
Parkers gifts at Nana and Papa Garrisons
Parker again with the I'm Crazy look - I kept sticking the bows on him... as you can see below he is not amused with my humor
If a baby could tell you off, this would be the look.

After getting home Monday afternoon - the boys and I went to my parents to let daddy get some sleep since he was going in Christmas Eve to work a shift for someone. We were headed to my Grandma Wagners (my moms mom) for Christmas Eve with that side of the family.

Here are some photos from that night. We stuffed our faces with snacks and played Dirty Santa.
This is Parker with Grandma Wagner.
My father, Jay and Braden.

Grandfather Chapman with Braden and the Ferbie, Uncle Mark and Aunt Debbie
Grandma Wagner, Cousin Johnny, Aunt Chris, Uncle Spike with Parker and Chris's mom.

We had a long, fun night. I went home with the intention on fixing the deviled eggs and the green bean casserole but i was exhausted and only managed to boil eggs.
I woke up Christmas morning and finished my cooking and got the boys ready to go to Grandma and Papa Bentley's - we waited on Brant to bring the presents.

Here are a few photos from Christmas day.
Parkers first Christmas... HOW FREAKIN' CUTE!
Braden showing Papa Bentley his new car (that you can exchange tires on) oh and Piper my mom's little dog.
Daddy and Parker
Braden opening up his off road truck.
Parker opening one of his Christmas Gifts.
Daddy and Parker tuckered out.
All in all it was a very nice Christmas - always great to spend time with Family.

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Melanie said...

Wow! You were busy. Cute pictures. Your boys are so, so cute!! You need to get a picture of your mom next time...I haven't seen her in ages!