Monday, December 17, 2007

50th Birthday

Sunday was Brants Fathers 50th Birthday, we attended sacrament meeting and sunday school and made an exit to get down to Oklahoma City for a surprise party. Anyone that knows the Garrisons (not this garrison) know that their time schedule is different from most people. I learned quickly from my husband that his "little bit" was like an hour - when mine was like 15 minutes. So the idea was for Garys (Brants father) brothers to come over to take him out for a Birthday lunch - they were to be there and gone by 1 - I guess that didnt happen and then they didnt leave the house till almost a quarter till 2 - party is supposed to start at 3, meaning Uncles were to bring him back home for the surprise. At 3 no one had heard from them so the calling began. About 30 minutes later they find out that they have just finished up and are headed out. Instead of coming home they decided to go to Bass Pro - yes while we are all waiting to surprise Gary. Karen, my mother in law called and made up a story about how the water heater was acting up and there was water every where - sadly the water heater is located in the garage so Gary didnt feel that was something he needed to rush home for, so he proceeded to give her instructions on how to fix, even called the youngest, Brock and asked him where he was and if he could go to the house and fix it. All attempts at getting them home did not pan out. He finally showed up... not sure what time it was, the party was nice. Brads (Brants middle brother) friend is a cake maker, she and he worked on a beautiful cake. I would so love to create something like that but I get tickled at myself when the icing goes on smooth and I can make some kind of fluffy border. So I doubt that kind of pretty cakes will ever be in my future.

Abby with Parker and Braden.

The awesome Golfing Cake.

Brock Brad and Brant putting the sign up.

Felton, Gary, Grandma Regina & Marty - The 50 or older club.

Uncle Felton and Uncle Jimmy (the one that isnt 50 yet) with Parker

Gary got Socks, real gift was in the garage.

Brock, Brad, Brant and Mom's present to Gary.

Braden LOVED playing with his cousins. Hunter (Uncle Jimmy's son) who is 3 1/2 and Caleb (Uncle Marty's son) who is 8 and Abby (Brad's Step daughter), he had a blast wrestling with them and throwing and kicking the black balloons that littered the living room. Parker got to meet all the Garrisons, he hadnt ever met before. So I think he had a good time. He was a very good baby and only got fussy about 6 pm that evening - so 3 hours of being passed around - not to bad for a 5 month old.

I made those ornaments this weekend and they seemed to be a big hit, I gave them out to all the aunts and grandma's. We arent going to give them out at enrichment now so I guess though they took me forever to do, it was a fun craft, clever craft, and cheap - so I'll keep that in my notes for down the line when someone needs something cheap around christmas time. I have photos of most of the project but the are on moms camera and I didnt get them over to my flash drive.

Today has been a very decent day - granted we didnt get to bed till late. Braden has only done one thing that was a no no - but I really cant get to mad cause it is something Daddy asked him to do Friday. We were switching out the batteries on the Swing - asked him to go throw the old ones away. Needless to say he knows how to stick one of his toys in the battery compartment to open it and proceeded to take the D size batteries out and carry them one by one ot the trash.. I was half out of it on the couch - I let him do it - and went and got them out of the trash later. I think I'll be putting some packing tap around that compartment.

This is what happened in Ponca Saturday morning. Brant took this photo from the upstairs. We got the most snow in the state. it wasnt too bad but Brant wanted to take some photos.

I'm ready for Christmas are you? Im not ready by any means when it comes to shopping but I'm just ready. I love family. I love getting to be with family. I just love this time of year.

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