Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Evaluation is today

So today Braden is going to be evaluated by the speech pathologist. He seems to be picking up alot more vocabulary words the past month, still not putting things together for sentences. Yesterday he did say Daddy and Bubba - pointing at a photo. But he isnt doing what he is supposed to be doing. So we will see what she says and what suggestions she has for what I should be working on. Im just thankful she could get us in to see if there is an issue or not.
So I'll blog more when we get home.

So - Just got back after a nice long hour of being "evaluated" - boy i dont think they could of had the temperature in the closet any hotter! Braden did pretty good, i thought he would clam up and just smile, but he interacted with her. She feels that he has about a 4 month delay, which isnt terrible but there is a speech delay - cognitively he is right on schedule, in understanding, understanding terms. So she said just to continue being the nagging mother I am about him using his voice. Told me I was doing good by letting him watch Dora and Diego - and shows like that, that they really do make a difference. So I guess we will continue doing what we are doing expect we are going to read more. And mandate use of voice more instead of signs.
So if any family is reading this - BOOKS, PUZZLES, DVD's that is really what the child needs, clothes and art supplies .... no toys - we have toys running out of our noses!

Im gonna take photos of the boys later today I'm planning on letting braden get the crayons out. Hey mom's out there... Is two just a ridiculous age for paint? I was thinking about getting some water color paint for christmas... but I'm a real fuddy duddy about big messes. Probably picked that up because of my mother.
YEAH it is nap time! Nap time rocks!


Melanie said...

Glad to know there isn't anything serious going on - and interesting to hear what the speech pathologist had to say. We also have TOO many toys. I would go for the paint, if I were you. I don't like big messes, either, but I just throw down newspaper, let the kids go crazy and then throw it all away. My 2-year old loves it.

Garrison Family said...

Yeah I didnt feel there was something serious going on but I didnt know what else to do. I knew in my heart it wasnt autism. He is very normal except for his speech. But I just wanted someone to tell me I was right that he had a delay and tell me what to do differently. Granted she didnt give me one thing new to try. So I suppose we will see how this month goes and maybe she will have more pointers next month.