Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Scrapbooking

So tonight I was surfing some of the scrapbooking sites I use and one was having a heck of a sale! So I bought like 6 packages for under 10 bucks! Gotta love that.
I need to start making a list of the pages I need to get done before the end of the year so I can compile a book. I'm slacking lately! Been having too much fun this summer.
Here are two pages I did. 1. for Parkers First birthday and 2. General Summer activity page.
I need to find some baseball/softball paper package so I can do one for all the time we spent watching our Church league softball team.

I'm thinking I need something more on the summer one but I dont want to be too cluttery (so not a word) but I'm stuck on it. So it is done till I figure out what it is missing!


May Family said...

Super cute pages! I love them. Makes me want to get into digital scrapbooking, but I think I'll wait until school is done.

The Smith's said...

Who cares as long as you like them hee hehe