Sunday, August 24, 2008

Burnt but still cute...

Saturday we went to the lake with our Friends the Smiths. Braden hadn't seen Kasha Bear in over two weeks so he was IN HEAVEN. When we arrived at the beach I asked Brant to spray down the kids with the sunscreen - so this is Braden with sunscreen - Parker on the other hand never got sprayed - I guess Brant says he was wet so he was going to dry him off but got side tracked. So P Wayne is burnt - momma is burnt - and daddy is kinda burnt.
It turned out to be a beautiful day at the lake. When we awoke it seemed like it might rain. But when we go to the lake the sun would peak through the clouds and it warmed up. The water was colder than last time, thanks to the rain we got. So we didn't know we were burnt till we were coming back into town.
Sunday I got Braden all dolled up in his snazzy church clothes. We just love this outfit- he looks like a mini adult. He wore it once before in the Summer Time and wouldn't you know it the air conditioning broke at the church. The poor boy was soooo hot in that outfit. I had him all dressed and went to put on his church shoes and yeah they didn't fit. All summer we've been dressing him in his dress/leather sandals. So yeah gotta go find him some dress shoes. The brown tennis shoes didn't cut it for momma.
This weekend Brant started on the dishwasher install. He got the water line all plumbed. My kitchen is a mess. BUT by the end of the first week in September I bet I have a dishwasher and a cabinet built around it. Now I need him to go find the paint can from the cabinets so I can match it.
Brant is a great husband for doing this for me. It is something I've wanted oh FOREVER. I hate washing dishes, TRULY hate it. I know that I am taking some things out on him that I'm dealing with right now and I'm not that cool of a person to live with right now. I'm so thankful he loves me enough to deal with my attitude right now.
We are going to be taking things to a storage building hopefully for just one month two at the most so that we can finish getting things organized and then have a garage sale as soon as it is nice outside. Actually I would pay 20 bucks a month to keep the clutter out of my site for a long time. So we are going to do that, this week. We have friends moving from Arizona coming in on Sunday afternoon - They are going to stay in the garage apartment till they figure out where they want to locate. LOTS and LOTS of things going on!!! Wow. I'm actually excited about renting a storage building, wow, I'm lame.

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