Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gravy - you're not so tough!

Okay, I know this is probably laughable - and not blog worthy but I'm sorry this is a highlight of my lame life. I've been trying for about two years now to make homemade sausage white gravy - all people would tell me is its grease, flour, milk.... well that didnt work for me, I need a recipe. Tonight I found a short write up on how to make it.

Come to find out - I was putting way to much of each thing in and it never tasted right to me. So for any of you that dont know how to make it ... let me share cause no one would share with me.

1/4 cup of grease with bits or with sasuage crumbled

3 table spoons of flour

3 cups of milk

So you put the flour in with the grease and start whisking, add milk a half a cup at a time, whisking, whisking and whisking. Let it bubble and keep it on the stove... cook for around 8 minutes the longer the thicker it will get. VIOLA ... yes it is simple - but this lady was putting oh at least a cup of grease a half a cup of flour and lots of milk. what a waste....

Here are two photos of the boys - Braden wanted his picture taken and Parker has started giving a look and I captured it.

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