Saturday, July 5, 2008

We're Home

We are home! Yeah!

This was taken Wednesday Night at Lake Eufaula - The water is beautiful at sunset.

(notice our footie's)
We spent a week at Lake Eufaula. The boys spent time on boats, jet ski's, swings, and four wheelers. They had a lot of fun. Braden loves to be in the water, by the water, around water, or the possibility of water, so he was in heaven. Parker also enjoys water and we found out that he enjoys the choppy water, he thought that was fun!

When we got up Saturday there was work to be done. Brant went "logging" - He loves watching Ax Men on Discovery, he and the crew cut down 11 dead trees and I think that have around 7 more trees to do.

Brants father had started a very hot fire to burn all this brush up.

Get aload of Brant.
Yeah you'll want to look at this photo closely lol, Brant went to throw a limb or something onto the fire and a gust of wind came up and got his hair, eyebrows and eye lashes.
Parker, Nana and Braden enjoying the four wheeler.
Braden getting to play on the swing.
Parker enjoyed that Braden was busy with the big boys, he got to play with bubba's tractor. FUN FUN.

Braden getting ready for his first Jet Ski ride. He loved ridding on the "small boat", he thought that was pretty neat.
Parker having fun inside Brant's parents boat.
Braden playing on his Grandparents Boat.
Daddy and the boys on our boat. CHEESE
So I told Braden to Smile... and every time I would click he would squeeze his eyes like this... Such a dork.
Our Boat at Lake Eufaula
Parker enjoying sitting on the boat. Yes he looks like he is a stuffed pig.
Daddy played Damn/ Flood over and over Thursday as we waited for family to come in.
Elmo was one of Parkers Birthday presents. Kyan a friend of Parkers got it at his party a few weeks ago and Parker was so entertained by it. We are also entertained with him playing with it. Shoot Elmo's laugh makes me laugh too. I'm not so sure in a month I'll like the toy as much as we do right now. I might be thinking the stretch Elmo would of been better, no noise.
Okay yes you are seeing a frog in a toilet. I came running inside cause I needed to go fast... I lift the lid and thought first, someone didnt flush, so I was ticked, then I focused and was like NO NO NO a frog, a few nights before I was visited by one in the shower - he was watching me on the very top ledge of stall. Back to the toilet frog, I then went running outside to get my husband to get it out. He laughed at it and then went to get it, it swam back down the toilet. I said I cant use it, he might come back out. SO I ran down the hall to the other bathroom. Meanwhile, I guess the frog came back up. Brant tried to flush it a few times, he wouldnt go, my husband tried several different methods to make the frog go away... finally got ahold of him and put him outside. I think he was traumatized cause he didnt return.

One last Vacation photo (just for you Melanie) - This was about the only time Momma was not behind the camera. Which ya know I'm okay with.
We got back today in enough time to clean up, start a load of clothes, and then head to moms where we had a cook out. We had some friends from church over and my aunt Debbie. Good Times, Yummy Food.
Our plans for celebration of Parkers 1st birthday didnt go as planned, feeling guilty we basically staged a nice photo for the baby book. Sorry buddy! We will get it right next year I promise.

Nick and Sarah (or Kasha's momma as Braden says it) brought over some pop it's and other fun things. Braden got a kick out of the popits, wasnt too sure about the sparkler (fire on a stick) and was pretty scared over everything else. He is going through a "I'm scared" phase, this afternoon waiting to start the grill Braden informed me there was a "Monster in the Tree" - I first said no there is not but then thought well I better play along and acknowledge his fear. So I told him to go tell that Monster to go away. He yelled "GO AWAY MONSTER" - of course I said "Wow he is gone, you showed him" - he was just fine after that and I guess the monster took a b-line to the nearest exit.
Enjoy the photos. Life hopefully will smoothly return to normal. I get to go back out to Eastern Oklahoma here on Thursday, that will be a nice break from everything that is going on. Though it will be with a bunch of teen girls and nutty adult leaders so I might be exhausted yet again.


Melanie said...

Wow! What fun...but we need more pictures of Parker and Braden's MOM! How is it that mom's are never in the pictures?? Glad you had a good time.

The Smith's said...

LOl Love it!! Not mean it's great. Heheh
It looks like a good time out on the lake

Crystal Foy said...

You take such great pictures! I love the sunset on the lake and I absolutely love the picture of parker in his life jacket...your kids are just so dang cute!

Brant said...

haha, I guess no one has commented on how the boat is in gear with that photo of Parker in the drivers seat... lol

Anonymous said...

LOL! What fun! LOL! Brant really did get burned. Where is his mother? She needs to watch him better! Good luck at at camp with the nutty girls and the phyco leaders! Guess who?

Andrea said...

What a fun week. I am so jealous of your vacation at the lake. Look at your boys on that boat, they are adorable. But where's Parker's cake eating picture??? Love the Elmo. BTW, Kyan isn't afraid of that thing anymore. And you're right, in less than a month you will wish you had bought the stretchie Elmo instead.